Reclaiming Market Share and Reigniting Success

GenieNG, is an ICT Consultancy and network coverage solutions company that enables telecommunication service providers to grow their business by increasing ability to deliver more transactions and messages. Facing a challenging period marked by downsizing and a decline in market share, GenieNG sought the expertise of The SoftGeeks to regain momentum and reestablish itself as a leading player in the industry.

By understanding the market dynamics, they identified strategic opportunities for GenieNG to recapture its lost market share. Based on these insights, The SoftGeeks devised a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to GenieNG’s specific goals and target audience.

Recognizing the need to differentiate GenieNG in the crowded ICT consultancy market, The SoftGeeks collaborated with GenieNG to redefine its brand positioning.

We identified GenieNG’s unique strengths, core competencies, and value proposition, leveraging them to craft a compelling brand story. The SoftGeeks revitalized GenieNG’s
visual identity, messaging, and communication materials to reflect its renewed focus and commitment to delivering innovative network coverage solutions.

Leveraging various channels such as digital advertising, content marketing, social media, and industry events, we strategically promoted GenieNG’s expertise and solutions to the target audience. These campaigns were designed to showcase GenieNG’s value, highlight its success stories, and position the company as a trusted partner in ICT consultancy and network coverage solutions.

We facilitated networking opportunities, encouraged client testimonials, and created valuable content such as whitepapers, case studies, and industry reports. By positioning GenieNG as a go-to resource for ICT consultancy and network coverage solutions, we solidified its reputation and credibility among key stakeholders.


Monthly revenue increase

Through the strategic efforts of The SoftGeeks, GenieNG successfully reclaimed its lost market share and experienced significant growth. The comprehensive marketing campaigns, coupled with the revamped
brand positioning, generated a surge in leads and conversions.



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